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Welcome to Ellston, Iowa


Ellston American Legion

Season Opening: April 14, 2021

105 Main Street, Ellston, IA


Everyone is welcome!

Wed, Thurs, Fri Morning@Legion


Coffee, Pop, & Chatter

Wed & Thurs Nights@Legion

Sandwiches & drinks


Email ecrevel@live.com for specials & events

RENT Ellston American Legion Building

Call Janet@402-707-7000

Or Liz@641-344-3374

Ellston Businesses Area Businesses Restaurants

Email Angie Hynek, hytreefarm@hotmail.com to post items on ellston.org

NERA is collecting local history artifacts to create an archive, housed at the Ellston Public Library. Help preserve our local history, the story of our people, schools, churches, organizations, celebrations, and businesses. NERA has purchased a bookshelf with two files that will enable storage of newspaper clippings, programs, and photos. The Ellston Public Library is a climate controlled repository that keeps regular hours for access. Please consider donating information. Bring items to the Ellston Church, or a NERA member. Not limited to Ellston, Sun Valley, Beaconsfield, Grand River, and Tingley: Plats,

Telephone Books, Maps,

History Books of Ringgold County,Town History/Centennial Books, Cemetery Books, Newspaper Clippings,

Obituaries/Funeral Programs, Wedding/Anniversary, Clippings-photos-programs, Community event, programs-photos,

School clippings-photos-yearbooks, Church clippings-photos-programs,

Business clippings-photos,

Family histories-photos-clippings, Diaries, Scrapbooks

Ellston’s Little Library “FREE” for readers!

Enjoy the Little Library and reading bench on Main Street Ellston. Take a book, read it, and pass it on to someone else...all for free!

Brought to you by NERA . Northeast Ringgold County Alliance. Foundation . Established in 2008 . Serving residents in Northeast Ringgold County . Iowa